The Ultimate Election Playlist to Distract From this Shit show

So you’re watching the election results roll in on CNN or Fox or whatever, and the white dudes with their touch screens keep “projecting.” Why are they projecting with 1% of the votes in? Why are they jumping to rash conclusions? Why is this election going the way it’s going? Is Trump maybe gonna win??!!

Take a breath. This thing is out of our hands. There’s a thing called the electoral college that is going to fuck everything up. So let’s listen to some music to distract ourselves from this enormous tsunami of shit and blonde wigs.

  1. Surfin’ – Kid Cudi
  2. Start a Party – Rae Sremmurd
  3. Vice City- Black Hippy
  4. Tony Stark – The Symposium
  5. Raised By Wolves – Foxtrot
  6. Spray the Champagne – Migos [This is the song I’m playing if Hilldog wins]
  7. Watching the Storm – U137
  8. Impregnable Question – Dirty Projectors
  9. Feet Up – Young Dolph
  10.  8 (circle) – Bon Iver
  11. Ultimate Painting – Ultimate Painting
  12. When It Rain- Danny Brown
  13. No Matter Where We Go – Whitney
  14. Where Will I Go- Sweet Valley
  15. FDT – YG

Enjoy the tunes, stay safe.



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