Deerhunter brings the funk (and weirdness) to LFK


You never know what you’re going to get when you attend a Deerhunter concert. Obviously you go in expecting a rip-roaring attack of indie rock. Bradford Cox, lead vocalist, and team leader of the experimental rock group brings an expert level of charisma and unpredictability to his performance.

The show begins with Cox explaining, dressed in camo pants and a fur vest, that they’d begin by improvising a song about water lillies. Watching the song grow out of nothing more than a funky synth, it was like watching pure inspiration.

After warming up the pipes, Deerhunter took off in the six speed clunker down the K-10 highway. Jamming through killer live slayings of “Cover Me (Slowly)” and “Agoraphobia” it was evident that these guys do things onstage that most other bands only dream of. It’s something that they’ve learned in their 16 year existence. Great live music takes great live performers. And Deerhunter is exactly that.

Every member in the band killed it on multiple instruments. Their multi-instrumentalist percussionist played literally anything that could be a played. One of those Jamaican slide things, some strings with empty shells that you rub together, and no kidding, even a whistle. Dude was literally so official, that he got himself a whistle for the occupation.


Bradford Cox was the main event though. Once he got going, he was a one man parade. After taking off the fur vest, he was revealed to be wearing not camo pants, but camo OVERALLS. Total game changer. He said he wore them specifically for Lawrence, one night only, because he could get away with wearing them here.

His banter was incredible. During an equipment problem with the drum pad, he improvised a song about loving dogs, and it was adorable and endearing, and true. Dogs are great.

The show kept rocking, and never stopped. The jamming was incredible. Songs could sprawl for minutes and it would be like no time went by. Come closing time, it was midnight and I started my cold walk home.

Deerhunter is a veteran rock and roll band that seriously knows how to deliver a fantastic live show. Complete with phenomenal rhythms, superb stage presence, and impressive jamming, this is a show anyone could appreciate. Next time, and every time Deerhunter is in my area, I’ll be there.

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