Wild Eye brings psych-rock back to Lawrence

Psychedelic Jam band and Lawrence locals Wild Eye played an exhilarating and entrancing show last night at the Bottleneck and instantly blew minds with their far-out sound.

Combining psyched-out guitars with funky bass lines and all-out rock drumming, Wild Eye captivated the crowd and lulled everybody in attendance into a jammed out rock and roll experience.

Lead singer Ross Williams brings a perfect psychedelic-folk persona to the band’s already psychedelic sound. His lyrics paint word pictures that blend together with the music and melt into an acid-drop art display projected sonically into the ear. In fact, the band’s website, is Wild Eye and It’s Seeker, which should give a good inclination as to where the band’s sound ruminates from.

Williams brings levity and humor to his role as band leader and guitarist. In between songs, he offers hilarious quips like “Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, etcetera. Click em!” My favorite joke of the show was when Williams said “this song’s kind of long. Not gonna lie. But it’s worth it.”

It’s enormously refreshing to hear a jam band say that, to give a heads up to the audience to kind of get ready for a journey of sorts, and advise to bring comfortable footwear.

Wild Eye played some new songs from an upcoming release, as well as kicking things back to a song off their first EP called Wild Lies. One of my favorite songs was “I Am Almost Gone” which started slow and crept into a wild pedal-heavy guitar excursion.

The guitar work in Wild Eye is what kept me captivated the entire show. The notes Williams can play and his understanding of the sound necessary to keep the tune flying higher and higher into the stratosphere is outstanding. He can build the sound bigger and bigger and bigger until it evaporates into almost nothing, only to build it up again.

Wild Eye puts on an incredible, jam-filled show and is captivating to experience. Next time they are playing a show, I highly suggest going and having your mind taken to a new level for the night.


You can find the band’s music at : https://www.facebook.com/wildeyeanditsseekers/



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