Alvvays Strum Sweetly to Kansas City Soon


When Toronto indie-rock band Alvvays come to town, all bad weather, bad omens, and bad vibes go someplace far, far away. Their beautiful, breezy, buoyant sounds radiate through amps and microphones and relocate audiences to a tropical paradise all to their own.

Alvvays have garnered a steady following after their fantastic debut self-titled album dropped in 2014, but it was on 2017’s Antisocialites that the band reached extraordinary peaks. The group’s washed out, sunny sound finding its perfect fit, like your favorite pair of worn-in jeans.

The stunningly gorgeous “Dreams Tonight” floats effortlessly, and sounds like a picturesque first-kiss moment from a John Hughes 90’s movie. Vocalist Molly Rankin serenades an instantly catchy chorus as guitars strum carelessly and harmonies billow.

“Not My Baby” is a brutally beautiful and crushing stance of independence and freedom. The lyrics “Traded my rose-coloured shades for a wide lens / Used to make noise, now, I much prefer silence,” shake off the shadows of an ex, leaving behind a stronger, more confident person.

But if you’re preparing to see Alvvays, you might want to bring your dancing shoes, in case they break out “Your Type,” or “Lollipop” which feature pounding drums and swing-y hooks. These tracks sound like the perfect songs to playfully push around to in a friendly moshpit full of emotional kids.

Alvvays are bringing their shoegazey guitars and unbearably sweet songs to Kansas City on April 26th at the RecordBar. Tickets went in a blink of an eye, but you can watch out for my review after the show. And if they’re coming to a town or music festival near you, this is definitely not one to miss.

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