Jean Claude and the Eclairs- “Crazy For You

When Jean Claude and the Eclairs dropped “Enzymes,” their guitar driven, ultra-catchy pop-rock crossover hit, the world took notice. Here was a band, hailing from the middle of the map, with a funky name, that dropped a single song and racked up nearly 225,000 listens on Spotify. Fans requested they play it multiple times at shows, people listened to it on repeat, and added it to their soundtracks of their lives. But that was months ago, in the seemingly distant year 2017.  So the world eagerly waited, on bated breath, for more jams, for more bangers- for that new-new.

The wait is over.

“Crazy For You” is an 80’s romance dressed up for a neon-soaked night out on the town. Or a sunny beachy day with bikinis and inflatable balls and drinks that are sweet and frozen with condensation dripping down and evaporating onto the white hot sand.

“Crazy” is the poppiest the Eclairs have ever sounded. The band experimented with producer Jon Heisserer (Asthmatic Recordings) to create a sugary sweet pop ballad, that still sounds like a dance track. It’s the first time that synthesizers and Linn drum samples are used for an Eclairs track. There’s a syrupy breakdown with pounding drums and a feature by Mary Montgomery to strongly compliment Cooper Scott’s voice.

“When Cooper wrote the song, he was in London and met his now-girlfriend. He wrote the song and played it for her on acoustic guitar,” bassist Garrison Krotz said. “So it took lots of work to take that acoustic song and turn it into this.”

“Crazy For You” finds a its rightful place in Jean Claude and the Eclairs repertoire, as a flash of their pop-driven sound. Scott, enjoys more of a pop sound, while Krotz and guitarist Steve Seyfarth like to rock out. The balance that this finds in the band is a sound that cannot be pinned down to one genre, one style, one taste. They sound like a lot of things, some rock, some pop, and something completely unique.

This exciting new direction in Jean Claude and the Eclairs sound is sure to keep listeners on their toes, but for a band that enjoys keeping fans dancing, that’s just where they like them.

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