20 Years of Tears

Coldplay, like it or not, whatever you feel about the British soft-rockers, have changed music for the better and for always. Their takeover of the radios and iPods of millions of captive listeners started with 2000’s debut album, Parachutes.

This album propelled Coldplay from a London coffeeshop band to a stadium act you couldn’t miss. Their shows brought together hope and sadness in a way that very few bands could, and songs like “Clocks,” “Fix You,” and “Yellow” are not just songs carved into our collective memories, but also highly important songs for countless people- including myself, if I’m being honest.

[You don’t know a good cry until you’ve let it all go in an Arby’s parking lot to “Green Eyes.”]

Anyway, to celebrate such a monumental album, the band showed a never-before-seen clip of the first take for the “Yellow” music videos.

According to the band, “There were tons of extras in this version. But it rained all day so we sent them home at 4PM,” explains Coldplay’s creative director Phil Harvey. “Chris grabbed the cameraman and said ‘let’s just walk down the beach.’ Worked out well in the end!””

Take a look a the original take

And check out the final product below:

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