Party For One

No, sadly not the Carly Rae Jepsen banger.

The NBA is currently ramping up. “How? In a global pandemic?” You may ask. Well, it’s pretty simple, and dumb.

The NBA has invited the 8 top teams in the league to Orlando, Florida- America’s musty ash tray, for an abbreviated season, starting at the end of July.

Now, these players may be in very close contact on the court, sweating, pushing and breathing on one another, but off the court, they are sequestered to their rooms like a 13-year-old who is sick of their parents rules.

These players are living in a “Bubble” for the next several months. Quarantined away from their families and risking their lives playing amongst a deadly disease, for our entertainment.


Anyway, opinions aside, a very funny thing happened last night. DJ Nasty, a Miami based DJ who co-produced songs like DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” and “All I Do Is Win” kicked off the NBA’s first of many DJ parties.

But, like parties happening nowadays at my house, there aren’t many audience members in attendance.

In fact the only player who came to rage, Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard.

He had a pretty awesome reaction to the weird experience. I found this out when I discovered the Twitter page NBA Bubble Life which may become my new favorite thing.

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