You’re Wildin’, Get Out

Nick Cannon, of Drumline and Wildin’ Out fame, has been terminated from ViacomCBS after he rattled off extremely anti-semitic statements on his podcast. These statements, which are all terrible, include calling Black people “the true Hebrews,” and elaborating “the Semitic people are Black people. You can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people. When we are the same people they want to be. That’s our birthright.”

The comments come at an incredibly complex time and require extensively complex conversations. On one hand, the world is coming to a 400+ year-old systemic issue with racism to Black people. This moment has built and built under and above the surface for generations, and is now coming to a head.

These comments also come just a few weeks following NFL star Desean Jackson’s heinous Instagram post in which he explicityly quotes Adolf Hitler and implicitly quotes Louis Farrakhan, the controversial and severely anti-semitic leader of The Nation of Islam.

Farrakhan has garnered a tremendous number of celebrity fans, including Jackson, all while spewing absolutely vial anti-semitic garbage like, “Do you know that many of us who go to Hollywood seeking a chance, we have to submit to anal sex and all kids of debauchery, and they give you a little part? The couch where you have to sit, it’s called the ‘casting couch.’ That’s Jewish power.”

Here’s where things get complex. Black people everywhere are having a moment and it is all of our jobs to support them in that. Some of them are finding strength in the voice of a proud anti-semitic with troubling views. And while expressing their opinions and letting their voices be heard, they are oppressing another oppressed people: the Jewish people.

Anti-semitism is a systemic issue in the world, just as racism is. Jewish people are not all white, nor are they all members of the Hollywood elite. That is a contrived and false stereotype.

The basis of the story is that we the oppressed, are fighting our own brothers and sisters instead of unifying behind the platform: DON’T HATE ANYONE. (Just made that up myself, you can use it, maybe we start that campaign soon.)

There are much, much larger issues at hand here, and nothing about this situation is easy to cope with. But this situation is the best proof possible that the only way to advance and get better as people, we must advance and get through the things that hold us back.

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