A Digital Tomorrow

By Jake Kaufman

Tomorrowland, a music festival in Belgium, where people gather from all over the globe to get lost in the world of tomorrow… and total ecstasy, has changed their approach for the infamous 2020 festival due to these uncertain times of Covid-19. From getting lost in a euphoric world in Belgium, Tomorrowland Around The World is bringing the festival to your backyard, living room, garage, grandma’s basement, back alley of your local 7-eleven, wherever you may be.

Although this digital… YES DIGITAL festival is online, you won’t be able to go on YouTube or other streaming services to access it. Tickets to this new state of the art two-day festival can be purchased on Tomorrowland’s website (link below) where you will be given an access pass. 

On Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26, you will be able to experience your favorite DJs such as Claptone, David Guetta, Amelie Lens, Steve Aoki, Reiner Zonneveld, Tomorrowland staples Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and even Katy Perry (!)

With eight different stages, and three brand new stages that were created by Tomorrowland’s creative team and 3D artists, you will get all the lasers and fireworks that Tomorrowland Around The World has to offer without using the last of your Bar and Bat Mitzvah money to book a flight halfway across the world. 

If you’ve ever been to, or seen sets on Youtube of Tomorrowland, you know this festival means business. Dimitri Vegas says, “50 to 60 percent of the show is new material,” and “People are just not ready for what they’re about to see.” If that doesn’t get you more hyped than you were for your first festival, rave, or concert, then I have no idea why you’re still reading.

Not only will this digital festival include mind-blowing and euphoric music, but it will also include webinars, games and workshops that you can indulge into if you want to give your brain a rest from the TRUE greatest show on earth.

Tickets for Tomorrowland Around The World are available until July 20th, so don’t wait until tomorrow to purchase your tickets, buy them today!

Find more Info on Tomorrowland Around The World:


Buy your Tickets:


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