Are You Talking Heads To Me?

 This is good rock and roll music! 

Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott, aka Scott and Scott, are the perfect podcast hosts. They’re perfectionists, and are exquisite at their jobs. Together, they discuss the “the encyclopedic compendium of all things” relating to a band they love. Their first podcast, U Talkin’ U2 To Me? about U2’s discography, would often feature episodes in which they never really talked about any U2 music, more so just bouncing nonsense off of eachother. The goofiness is my favorite. The spinoff podcasts that they come up with (“Is this another episode of “‘We Love Cinema'”?) make me laugh. It’s just a really fun podcast. 

The guys recently planned on venturing deep into the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ entire body of work, Are You Talking RCHP Re: Me? and after one episode, listening through the Chili Peppers’ unlistenable first 2 albums, they ditched the idea. They then decided to do the thing for real with the Talking Heads! Even better! 

Check it out here! 

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