In Your Head, Zombie.

Ever wanted to listen to the 2010 Jason DeRulo absolute banger “In My Head” in your head?! 

Tesla Tycoon and certifiably mad scientist, Elon Musk, may want to fill your head with sweet, sweet music. And no, he’s not starting a band called Elon Musk and the Stank. Although I’d pay Coachella prices to see that. 

Musk’s newest startup, Neuralink, is pioneering the new frontier, implanted tech. Because having a computer on your wrist and the entire Internet packed inside your pocket is so 2008. Maybe even 2000 and late. 

Musk is now working on wires and chords that can be connected straight to the brain, so pump in music. As well as other stuff.

Is this tech too far? Is this the future? What do you think?

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