Needle in the Hay vol. 2

Imagine, if you will, you’re on a giant lilipad, in the center of a pond, staring up at the sky, surrounded by Japanese Cherry Blossoms, and as the world around you slowly dissolves into solace, and all the stress that lives deep inside your bones and muscles evaporates, and you’re just floating. Just then the Cherry Blossoms begins to slowly drift down towards you, dancing gracefully in the warm and tranquil breeze, down towards the silent water you’re floating on. It is at this moment, you are at peace, nothing can harm you here. You’re caressed by the syrupy smoothness of life’s perfect beauty. You’re free.

That’s what listening to “Beach House – Space Song (slowed + reverb)” on YouTube feels like.

A popular trend on the internet right now is taking an already vibed-out song, like “Redbone” or “Ocean Eyes” and slowing them down, plus adding tons of reverb, which makes the song sound like you’re listening to it inside of a damp cave. 

A little self care trick from all of us here at YCV, next time you’re stressed or anxious or just need a break from it all, put this onand be transported to that safe place, inside the music. It’s always there, waiting for you. 

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