What We’re Watching Right Now: Kendrick Lamar live at Reading & Leeds Festival 2018

Seeing Kendrick Lamar is a crazy experience. This is a cat, who has never put out a bad song, who is such an important creator of modern music, and he’s just right there. 

The master, Kung Fu Kenny, graced the stage at Reading & Leeds a couple years back and put on a clinic. The theatrics! Opening with “DNA”! The Brits going BRAZY to “m.A.A.d. city”! Everything about this show is fantastic. 

We know that the situation on Earth is dire right now. It pains us to have to report news like this:

But watching shows like this, feeling the energy of the crowd, even if it’s at our work from home desks, or in our AirPods as we walk around, will get us through. In the eternal words of the Grateful Dead, WE WILL GET BY!

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