J Cole and the Inevitable Everything

J Cole is an anomaly. Zack Fox’s to JID’s “Workin Out” perfectly summarizes this.

“I fuck with y’all n*****, bro / why that n**** J. Cole Got all this money, look like he ’bout to borrow somebody charger or something / “C’mon bruh, let me get your charger bruh / Let me get my shit to uh, uh 10% percent And I’ll give this shit back to you bruh bruh” / C’mon bruh flex some of that Dreamville money, let me see it.”

The massive success of the North Carolina rapper is nothing less than incredible. Truly the hardest working rapper from 1998 on, dropped 3 truly great mixtapes, got signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation, and has been on fire since, while spitting conscious, thought provoking, yet hard rap music. He’s headlined arenas, held his own music festivals, created his own label, got dismantled by NoName, and continues to put out some of the most highly anticipated music. 

The dude is a phenom, and his next album, The Fall Off, is set to be another chart topper. The rhyme sayer just released the first two tracks from it, and they are both fire.

Check them out here

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