Needle in the Hay- Perfume Genius, Live on Fallon

Remember concerts? The feeling you get in your gut as the lights go down. Feeling guitars, bass, drums, electricity fill the air, sometimes being swallowed entirely by the sound. The sway of the crowd, and the carefree push of a moshpit. Watching your best friend smile and sing along during their favorite song. The out of body losing-of-yourself that only happens during a live show.

Yeah, we miss shows too.

While we’re still far away from meeting up together on the floor, some days we feel just a step closer. Jimmy Fallon featured musical guest Perfume Genius on Tuesday and we actually got to see real live music, albeit from an empty venue. 

The song “On the Floor” really brought the heat. The chugging organ, the slick guitar, and the melodies are second to none. Singer Mike Hadreas swooned sensually, singing and swaying with the grace and elegance of nothing less than a Queen.

It may not be a live show, but it’ll do for now! I found myself dancing along, wishing I could sashay like Hadreas. If nothing else, it brought joy, and that’s what live music should do. 

Watch the performance here 

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