Stage Against the Machine

Music without a stage is like a park without ducks. Covid changed life as we know it,  but most businesses found away to come back. Concert venues haven’t been so lucky. Now legislation is being proposed to save our stages. 

Senators John Cornyn of Texas and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota just introduced a new piece of legislation called the “Save Our Stages Act”. It’s part of a relief package meant to jumpstart small local businesses, including venues that haven’t seen a concert or an in-person event come through in months.

They can’t just offer takeout tunes or curbside concerts (although that is a pretty decent idea)

There’s truly no way for them to generate revenue right now. Concerts are incredibly risky places during Covid, and while some estimates are stating that shows may return in 2021, the co-founder of Lollapalooza believes that the mismanagement of the virus by the US may push that date back to 2022.

In the meantime, we can fight to keep our venues alive long enough to weather the storm.

It may seem like a lot is going on, in every aspect of life, but it’s important that we take care of the places that can’t take care of themselves. These are the same venues we danced, sang, cried, and crowdsurfed in for decades and decades, we can’t let them fall apart in front of us.

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