What We’re Watching Right Now Vol. 3- The White Stripes live from the Basement, 2005.

The White Stripes were an absolute force of nature from 1997 to 2011. Drums and guitar and a whole lot of soul. Meg and Jack White made beautiful, crunching, slick, punchy, and essential indie rock music and they did it like no one else. 

Jack eventually went off to have a hugely massive solo career, going on to headline festivals and bring noise to millions while Meg is somewhat of a recluse these days. But they’ve never reunited (not yet at least) so clips of them, in their prime, absolutely kicking ass? Yeah, we’re about it. 

“Blue Orchid” is one of those songs you want in your headphones right before you go into battle against Thanos. Matter of fact, so is “Seven Nation Army,” “Icky Thump,” and about a bakers dozen more hits. 

On camera, the duo never lose their charisma. The glances between the two of them, the ridiculous grit in the guitar riff and Meg’s loose and euphoric drumming, it just makes for really good TV. 

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