Needle in the Hay Vol 6. Gnarls Barkley, Live From the Basement

“Who’s Gonna Save My Soul Now?”

Something about that line carves my heart into tiny pieces. The song, by hip-hop supergroup Gnarls Barkley, is one of their more lowkey hits, but it’s a banger nonetheless. 

The crew, comprised of Cee Lo Green and Dangermouse, are most well-known for their unstoppable anthem, “Crazy,” which by the way, still goes absolutely crazy. However, the duo have an arsenal of equally, if not more, catchy rhymes and rhythms to send chills down your spine.

Their “From the Basement” show is another newly released edition from Radiohead super-producer, Nigel Godrich. Gnarls Barkley opened with the slow building, almost power ballad-y song “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?” which sounds like the kind of song a cowboy would listen to as he rides into town for a duel against his dark-hat enemy, Gruff McQuade. 

They closed their set with a crooning version of “Crazy” that is sure to blow your brain out of your cranium. The pipes on Cee Lo soar, as Dangermouse quietly lays down the soulful blues. It’s almost better than the original. Does that make me crazy? 

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