To Infinity and Beyond Burgers, Hot Dogs, Beer, and Popcorn!

America’s Dad, Tom Hanks- unfortunate affiliation with Chet Hanks, aka Chet Haze, has lent his booming and iconic voice to countless films and audio-visual mediums. I mean the man was in the Green Mile, and Catch Me If You Can, and he and made me ugly cry in Toy Story 3.

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?!

While Major League Baseball is back, crowds and concession connoisseurs are still watching from the couch. Which led to a very famous actor lending his voice to the loudest people in the stands. No, not Yankees fans.  

Tom Hanks will be heard as the faux- concession hawker for the Oakland Athletics.

Why? Because the world is crazy enough as is right now? Why are you asking why? We don’t have all the answers, jeez….

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