Welcome Back Basketball!

With normalcy tough to find these days, it helps to be able to turn on the television and watch some of the best athletes in the world dunk, shoot and pass our worries away for a couple hours. That’s why I was glued to my TV last night as Zion, LeBron and even Alex Caruso put on a show inside the Orlando bubble as the NBA returned to action.

What began as a strange experience watching basketball without fans became somewhat normal as the threes rained down and dishes were served. Oh, and betting on the games helps too.

And the most compelling part of watching professional basketball again? Watching NBA players take this unique opportunity to showcase important issues that need to remain in the social conversation. With Black Lives Matter emblazoned on the court and statements like Equality and Say Her Name on the backs of their jerseys, it’s extremely inspirational to watch these rich, strong millionaires use their large and influential platform for good.

While I am a bit biased and hope LeBron gets his 4th championship, I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season unfolds. It’s just great to have sports back to keep us entertained as the world slowly burns down around us. In Luka Dončić we trust!

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