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The Chainsmokers’ Throw a Deadly Party

The New York Health Commissioner said that the Chainsmoker’s Hampton’s party “Mocks New Yorkers’ attempt to flatten the curve.” 

On Saturday, The Chainsmokers threw a $25,000 per ticket, promotional party to support FuckJerry’s tequila release. The CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, performed as a DJ, opening the show.

How, you may ask, did we get here? Why would so many people think that partying during a pandemic, as a deadly infection virus sweeps the nation, is a good idea? How could nobody have stopped this?

It’s beacause everything is terrible.

But we’re not the only ones who are pissed about the party. New York’s Health Commissioner, Howard A. Zucker, who has worked tirelessly for almost 6 months to flatten the curve of infections in New York, and did so to an impressive extent, expressed his anger in a letter he released.

“This is not just a lack of common sense, but an illegal and reckless endangerment of public health…

I think what struck our collective nerve was seeing so many with so much to their advantage — concert attendees were generally young, healthy, and, as indicated by the $850 ticket prices, able to afford health care if they should need it — be so cavalier about taking a risk that could have dire consequences for many.

You don’t have to be the commissioner of health to realize that when it comes to contracting and transmitting a contagious and dangerous disease, every one of us is a card-carrying member of the rank-and-file. COVID-19 is an equal-opportunity infector: It doesn’t recognize skin color or the thickness of stock portfolios.”

Look, we love a party. We all want to party. But we’re not partying because it could possibly harm people. Nobody likes a party that hurts people.

But it’s one thing to throw a bad party, it’s another if your party could potentially murder people.

Don’t Sleep: Great Good Fine OK, Haux, and more at SXSW

Looking for some awesome music insight ahead of the Thunderdome of sonic exploration that is SXSW? Let me be your Lewis and Clark on this journey, your Sherpa through the terrane of the Serengeti of new and exciting tunes soon to be discovered in Austin.

One of the most buzzing names in synthpop EDM is Great Good Fine OK. This is Ass. Shaking. Music.

What do you get when you combine superb vocals with show-stopping instrumentation? You probably get a good combination to dance to. Well, if you’re looking to get your feet on the dancefloor and show the people of South By your slickest moves, look no further than Great Good Fine OK.

The group from Brooklyn brings a little bit of the past to the future. Imagine Frankie Valli crooning over a disco synthpop tune. Try to think about what it would sound like if John Cougar Mellancamp collaborated with Years and Years.

There is something funky, something groovy, something fresh, something vintage, about Great Good Fine OK. They take something borrowed and clash it together with new and cutting edge sounds from what’s popping today. All together, you get something

Some of my favorite tracks include “What Do U See in Me,” “Find Yourself” and the outrageously catchy “Take it or Leave It.”

I highly recommend hitting up the Ultra Records Announces SXSW 2018 Showcase on Thursday, March 15 @ Esther’s Follies. Oh, and bring your dancing shoes. I’ll meet you on the floor.