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To Begin Summer Concert Season, Modest Mouse scurry through Starlight


There are places and times to best experience music, music heard in its’ prime environment and ambiance. For example, it’s a well known fact that AC/DC is optimally listened to while driving 45 mph down a vacant road, dirt preferred. Beach House is best heard at, you guessed it, a cabin in Colorado in the dead of winter.

As for Issaquah, Washington indie-rock legends, Modest Mouse, the optimum viewing experience led about 6,000 music fans to the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City on Friday, May 10.

What tricks does a band that’s been rocking consistently for about 26 years still have in store? It turns out, a lot.

The band came prepared with 9 members on stage, including two drummers, horns, and theatrical violins and an upright bass. Isaac Brock and Co. really came to impress.

And impress they did! The band came out absolutely swinging with “Dark Center of the Universe” from long-time fan favorite album, The Moon and Antarctica.

The band kept going through hits played liberally from their five most recent albums. Some of the most viciously fun songs played were “Dashboard,” “Lampshades on Fire,” “Cowboy Dan,” and of course, “Float On.”

The surge of people I saw sprinting up towards the stage, to take a selfie during “Float On” was just astonishing. There was a security guard, whose only job, was to prevent people from taking selfies near the stage, AND HE COULDN’T HANDLE THE RUSH! I tried to keep tally, but lost track.

But still, can we just reflect on how good that song is? And how good this band is? I mean, everyone has heard of Modest Mouse. They’ve been around for 30 years! But they’ve kept every bit of excitement, experimentation, and catchiness for their entire career. They never receded away, and never backed down.

Modest Mouse continue their tour through mid-October, (impressive, right?) and will be coming to Wichita on the 21st. So, check them out. You’ll be glad you did.




Peanut Butter Pretzels and Indie Rock: Sure Sure Prepare for a Kansas City Performance

“Soundchecking is like being in a relationship, it’s all communication.”

Life is a learning experience. Every day, every challenge, every triumph- a lesson.
Sure Sure has learned a lot in the past year.

The Los Angeles band went from living together in a shammy house to riding together in a van, touring North America. On their first national tour, they supported indie-breakout act Hippo Campus. Admittedly, they were just getting used to life on the road.

“Last time there were crushed peanut butter snacks on the ground and chocolate smeared on the seats, this time the van is very clean,” the band said in a phone interview I had with them.

The independent band has been working since 2014 and as one of the lyrics in “This Must Be the Place,” (which they phenomenally cover) they’re making it up as they go along.

When I talked to the band, they were surveying the sprawling plains of Idaho. As relatively bland as that may sound, they describe the scene with a brightness and such vivid colors that I actually imagine myself there with them, watching the miles of grass fly by.

Sure Sure is headlining a tour behind their new album Sure Sure. The album features poppy indie-rock with riffy guitars, punchy pianos, and fun lyrics and hand-clappy drums.

Some of my favorite tracks are “Friends,” “Giants,” “New Biome,” and “Hands Up, Head Down,” but there really are no bad songs on this album. They all have a charm to them that’s ridiculously infectious.

The music speaks for itself as the band continues gaining more and more fans along the road. They said they’ve made fans from Vancouver to San Luis Obispo and it’s been great seeing music lovers young and old come out to sing and dance and let go of their cares for a night.

“The shows have been really exciting and fulfilling.”

As a band, the sky is the limit. They don’t have plans to sign to a label anytime soon, because they’re learning everything a label does by doing it themselves. In the meantime, they’re just touring the country in their clean van, listening to AC/DC and enjoying the ride.

Come see Sure Sure play live at the RIOT ROOM in Kansas City on April 12, 2018. Links to tickets are here: https://www.theriotroom.com/event/1636859-sure-sure-kansas-city/


BROCKHAMPTON’s STAR power BOOGIES in a SWEET sold out show


BROCKHAMPTON are the biggest name in music right now and for a multitude of reasons. They are exciting, vibrant, blisteringly fun, and taking over the world their way.

There is no dumbing down the concept of BROCKHAMPTON. What you see, what you hear, what you feel- it is all hand-crafted by the 14 person creative unit. There is all hands on deck in every step of the process. They produce the beats, attack the tracks as a team-each member taking alternating verses, and even film the music videos and artwork.

So when it came time for BROCKHAMPTON’s first big time national tour, excitement and expectations grew to astronomical heights. Currently, there are only two shows on the 50-something show tour that are not sold out. Every piece of merch instantly sells out online, and fans wait out in line for the group all day, even through cold and snow and rain.

At 4 p.m., the line of fans wrapped around the block of the venue, for a 9 p.m. show. Fans dressed in BROCKHAMPTON’s unique orange coveralls and blue face paint. They waited, they chanted, and as soon as the boyband stepped onstage, the crowd E-R-U-P-T-E-D.

The kind of energy produced in the first four songs was enough to make the air thick with moisture, the faces in the crowd covered and sweat, and power the crowd of mostly young teenagers through one of the most exciting shows in recent memory. The rambunctious 1-2-3-4 punch combination of “BOOGIE,” “QUEER,” “STAR,” and (my personal favorite song) “GUMMY,” rattled the room and personally made my legs weak and head light. Several times I had to fight for a decent breath of oxygen, but that might have been a result of screaming every single lyric.

It was a transcendentally fun night of rap music and pure wildness. BROCKHAMPTON has always dubbed themselves as “the best boyband since One Direction” and the statement really couldn’t be truer. Each member has a persona that is infectious and easily fanboy-able. If you ask 50 BROCKHAMPTON fans who their favorite member is, you’ll get 50 different answers. However, it is such a thrill to see them all onstage together, like a supergroup. A queer, diverse, eclectic, and outrageously fun supergroup. This is absolutely a must-see event.

INTERVIEW with HIRETH : Your Culture Vulture Exclusive


One of Lawrence’s most exciting voices comes from four students at KU and their dream to share music with people. HIRETH is a term defined as “nostalgia or a longing for a home that doesn’t exist,” and the band takes this sentiment and infuses it into their music.

I recently sat down with three members of the band: Cooper Scott, Garrison Krotz, and Quinn Maetzold to discuss their latest show at the Jazzhaus, their future plans, and the weirdness of having fans sing their songs back to them at shows.

Your Culture Vulture: What’s been in the works with HIRETH lately?

Garrison Krotz: This is probably our most exciting semester to look forward to since the band started. We have 5 to 6 shows lined up and we have some recording time with a producer in St. Louis, so we’ll hopefully have something up on Spotify by the end of September.

Cooper Scott: September is booked solid, we’re going to be doing stuff every weekend.

GK: It’s funny because we had this idea of a band in a basement and we just started writing songs, and Cooper and Steve pulled these awesome songs together, and came to me and Q with them like “We made these.” So we picked the five best ones and put it out as an EP. So now that we’re actually going to record a song is pretty huge for us.

YCV: So where do your inspirations lie as a band?

GK: Definitely the Killers, the Smiths, and we mention the Cars, because the intersection of indie-pop sound we have with the classic jangle-rock sound of like REM and the Cars, it all ties together. We’re trying to be modern, while still trying to play back to the roots of the music we listen to.

YCV: Does Lawrence play any part in the music you guys put together?

CS: I think Lawrence is very different as a music scene than we’re used to- it’s kind of indie and alternative. We’re kind of pop-rock, so it’s a little weird for us to be here, and I don’t want to say we’re not respected, but we’re not seen as one of the bands in Lawrence because we’re not weird enough. We’re getting there though!

GK: Lawrence almost feels like a mini Austin, TX because it’s so weird, and it needs to stay weird, and we’re trying to add to that. When we’re on stage and we’re having fun and being weird, we feel like we’re working towards that.

YCV: How do you guys approach your live shows?

CS: When we write our setlists together, we usually try to tell a story, you know? Like the songs should build and then fall, and then build again. It’s one thing to go out and play your ten songs and then go off, but what we’ve worked on recently is trying to show that we’re having fun onstage.

Quinn Maetzold: I think the biggest thing we try to do in our live shows is that we try to show the audience that we’re enjoying ourselves so that the audience will enjoy themselves. Because the first couple shows, it was pretty awkward, but we’ve gotten a lot better at showing we’re having fun up there.

YCV: What do you think drives you forward as a band?

GK: I think at the core of it, we’re all driven by wanting to make music and share it with people. It’s about sharing our emotion helping people dive into something we’re creating. For me, making art has always been this thing that you can share, it’s not something that you want to keep to yourself.

CS: I think one of the coolest things for me has been at one of our shows, we actually saw people singing one of our songs, and we were like “oh my gosh, how do they know this? This is weird!”

QM: It was pretty amazing to see people who have listened to our Soundcloud, memorized the lyrics, and came out to the show to see us live.

YCV: So it’s weird having fans?

QM: It’s weird, but it’s a good weird thing. We’re just not used to it, yet.

CS: I had someone reach out to me for the first time in like 2 years saying he was driving to Manhattan and listened to our EP on the road and wants to hear more from us. So it’s just crazy that people our there are listening.

YCV: How do you decide what songs to cover at your shows?

QM: At the Jazzhaus show, we played mostly all our own original music, but when it came time for the covers, we picked the songs that we love playing and what fits our sound- what sounds like it belongs in the set. And when we play The Bull, we’re there to play to the patrons of the Bull that want to drink and sing along, so we try and pick songs that fit that vibe.

GK: You would not believe how quickly some of these covers come together. It’s usually how quickly we can learn the chords and if Cooper already knows the lyrics.

YCV: So what’s next for the band?

GK: We’re coming into these next two months 110% and seeing what happens. We have a ton of shows lined up, we have this recording in St. Louis for our new single. Hopefully there will be some record labels out there that come to one of our shows and likes us, maybe they’re reading this, and we want to share what we have.

CS: We’re working very hard, we’re not taking any downtime, we’re kind of just working as hard as we can for the foreseeable future. It’s hard to look too much into the future because these next two months are going to be crazy.

YCV: When’s the next time people can get out and see you guys?

CS: The next show is September 14th, at the Jackpot. We had an out-of-town band from Texas called Scuba Diver reach out to us about playing with them. On the 21st we have a Tunes at Night with KJHK, and on the 22nd we have a show at the Mini Bar in Kansas City. So we’ll be very busy.


HIRETH can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud

The details for the upcoming show at the Jackpot in Lawrence can be found here