Hippo Campus is Ready for Superstardom, Sell Out Kansas City show

“Wait and see, I’ll be making my own way now //
I’ll be making my own way now, to where I got to be…”

Hippo Campus has never been conventional. They’ve always been the fence-swingers, the weirdos, the odd bunch who struck gold. To say they’ve found their way would be undercutting what they’re doing currently, and almost certainly, what’s on their roadmap.

The St. Paul collective of goofball friends formed back in 2013 and instantly found something special. They put out their first EP, Bashful Creatures, in 2014, produced by Low’s Alan Sparhawk. Since then, the progression and assencion into stardom has been staggering to watch.

They’ve sold out shows all around the world and packed in festival crowds at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Reading and Leeds, and Summerfest. They’re a favorite for indie kids, pop-rockers, and anyone with a radio tuned to something catchy and fun and new.

Hippo Campus’ funky, glitchy sound matches with smooth and easily lovable vocals from Jake Luppen. “Doubt” is a perfect example, with an upbeat synth-driven instrumental track with melodic and lush harmonies.

On 2018’s Bambi, the opening track “Mistakes” goes:

“I think that I’m living, if you could call it living //
So brash and unforgivin’ //
Ruled by the vibe I’m bringing”

Since their origin, Hippo Campus has brought originality and excitement to the alternative rock landscape. On Bambi, they continue to grow artistically and creatively.

Hippo Campus will be at the Truman Theatre in Kansas City on Friday, January 25th. The show is SOLD OUT.

hippo campus 2

Check back for photos and a full review after the show.



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