Gordi’s Wrecking Ball Wrecks Us All

Gordi is an Australian musician who creates gorgeous yet brutal music. Her sophomore album, Our Two Skins, is a beautiful, devastating thing. The emotionality of her lyrics, her soulful voice, and the fragile instrumentation makes for a perfect rainy day listen.

Which is perfect because it just happened to be raining just on my face while listening to her rendition of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

Not just anyone can cover this song. This ain’t karaoke during after hours at the Chili’s. Gordi absolutely belts this thing out and instantly shattered any hearts or souls in a 5 mile radius. 

In the behind-the-scenes video, where the Aussie talks with Like a Version, she explains why she chose the song.

“I really like “Wrecking Ball” because it was one of the first moments that Miley really broke the chains from her Disney upbringing,” she continued. “I think, especially as a young woman being brought up in the spotlight like that, she was taking ownership over her own life again, which I thought was really cool.”

Additionally, she mentioned that her friends have called her Hannah Montana for years because “I was leading this double life of being a musician and also going through medical school.”

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